S.Cohen Suits For The Cure

18 06 2012

In August 2013, a $120,000.00 cancer research grant will be funded by S.Cohen. The Cancer Research Society (CRS) annually opens grant applications to researchers across Canada supporting basic and environment cancer research. The CRS Medical Advisory Board will choose a group of projects that meet its standards for Breast Cancer Research and submit them to S. Cohen. You can be a part of this great event! Click HERE to enter a draw for choosing & naming a $120,000 grant for Breast Cancer Research (no purchase required).

$20 from the sale of each S. Cohen Suit for the Cure garment is supporting cancer research. At no extra cost to you, by purchasing a Suit for the Cure, you are helping S. Cohen support research which is a source of hope for all those suffering with cancer. For more information, visit our website at http://www.scoheninc.com

The Cancer Research Society is a not-for-profit organization whose sole mission is to fund cancer research exclusively and to offer seed money for the most promising original ideas, projects and researchers across Canada. The Cancer Research Society funds basic cancer research essential to understanding the causes and development of cancer, stopping cancer from spreading, improving the treatment and quality of life of those affected, and preventing the disease. The Cancer Research Society also funds projects in environment-cancer aimed at discovering the influence of the environment on the risk of developing Cancer.




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