What Not To Wear At Work on Casual Friday

18 05 2012


Corporate casual encompasses a large grey area of what is acceptable (as long as you’re well put together i.e. outfits match and don’t reek anything goes p.s. people can tell the difference between fresh laundry and Febreeze) but there’s definitely delineation at the far end of the spectrum.

For the sake of your career, consider banishing these office fashion faux pas from your wardrobe.
1. Sneakers. Of all the items not to wear to work, athletic footwear ranks highest in its ability to put a sweat sock in your career.
2. Flip-flops. Another shoe-in for demotion is the flip-flop. Perhaps it’s the incessant clippity clop of sole smacking heel. Or maybe it’s the shameless baring of feet. Flip-flops aren’t actual sandals.
3. Wrinkled shirts are a top-three offender. An iron can turn a pauper into a prince. Gift yourself a good quality steam iron, it’s faster and easier to use than a traditional iron.
4.   The same thing you wore the day before. You’re telling your colleagues you didn’t sleep at home last night. Maybe you got lucky, maybe you didn’t. Either way, it’s evident that you didn’t wash your clothes. No one will want to get close enough to confirm that assumption olfactory. Change it up a bit. Save Tuesday’s sweater for Friday and help keep the mystery alive.

5.   Tracksuits. Your going to work, not to the gym.
6.   Clothing you slept in. One can see this might be a temptation for new gradsadjusting to life that starts at 8AM. You’re not fooling anybody. And we know you didn’t shower. Find another way to save time in the morning.
7.   T-shirts with decals that make political statements, religious references or crude jokes. You’re not in high school any longer and you’re sure to offend somebody.
9.   Heavy cologne or aftershave. Best to avoid the cheap stuff, Pepé. What it lacks in price, it makes up for in punch.
10. Baseball caps. Unless the ceiling in your office is made of glass and the sun shines perpetually in your eyes, save the cap for the bus ride home.



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