To Resist or Not To Resist

4 05 2012

There seems to be a whole misconception about stain resistant fabric. The reason for this is because there are essentially 2 ways to make a fabric stain resistant.

The first method and the reason behind the paranoia about stain resistant fabric and health risk factors is a process where the fabric is sprayed with a stain resistant coating, often referred to as a “Teflon” coating. Much like the way upholstery is sprayed after you purchase it from a furniture store.

The second method of making a fabric stain resistant and incidentally the method used by all S.Cohen stain resistant fabrics, is done during the manufacturing of the fabric using an advanced chemical process. The stain resistant chemicals forms an invisible molecular shield around the fibers of the fabric in a process called nano-technology. With this method, there is no health risk and an additional benefit is that the stain resistant properties of the cloth does not diminish with time or cleaning.

As an aside, no method of stain resistance used in clothing poses a known health risk. The stories in the media mostly related to individuals working at the factories that manufactured the chemicals used in the process. Some of these individuals, due to long term exposure to the chemicals during manufacturing, and in mass quantities and in different formats, did have issues. No one has ever had an issue with a finished product of clothing protected with these treatments.

So, if someone tries to tell you that their cloth is stain resistant, ask them how it was done.




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