S.Cohen Customer Service 10 Commandments

19 04 2012

The 10 Commandments

Please The Customer
Never Say “NO”
Listen Carefully
Right Away
Clean Professional Manner
Never Make A Promise That You Cannot Keep
Fix It Now
Always Be Positive
Even Negatives Can Be Turned Into Positives

The Details
1) The primary reason for the existence of your job, and the entire company is to
please the customer. This is a religion. Everything we do should work towards this objective. Care sincerely and deeply and treats customers the way you would want to be treated.

2) The first step towards pleasing a customer is to
listen carefully. Be sure you are clear on what they want.

3) Pleasing the customer means doing it right away. Do not make them wait. Work urgently towards getting them what they want. The extra minute, hour, or day could make a big difference to them.

4) Never make a promise to a customer that you cannot keep. If you make a promise to a customer and for reasons beyond your control, you cannot keep it, call the customer immediately and explain why, and what you are going to do to make them happy.

5) Always be positive with a customer. Smile, joke, do not complain. Never lose your sense of humor and ability to laugh.

6) Never say “NO” to a customer. Say “I will work on that” or “I will do my best” or “I will see what I can do”, then try. Even if you cannot give them exactly what they want, work at it to show them we care and we are trying our best to please them.

7) Organize the commitments you have made for customers with great care so that none of them slip through the cracks. It is the primary ways customers judge us.

8) Be sure to present yourself, your workplace, and your written communication with customers in a clean professional manner. Appearances do count.

9) If something is not right, do not put off fixing it. Get help and fix it now. Do not allow something incorrect to end up in a customer’s lap.

10) Leave a customer feeling good about their experiences with us. Even negatives can be turned into positives. Prepay the shipping on something late, give a discount, rush something that is not late…at the very least apologize sincerely. Remove the sting of a problem and replace it with the appreciation of having dealt with someone who truly cares.




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